Introducing Plans: The Undated Christian Planner


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As working parents with two growing kids, it’s easy to lose track of all the things that need to get done. What do we have to do today? This week? This month? What are we having for dinner tomorrow? Who do I need to keep in my prayers? What habits am I tracking?

Everything gets lost.

We’ve tried organizing our lives with other planners, notepad to-do lists, whiteboards, sticky notes, notebooks, shared digital notes, and to-do apps. But we never had everything we needed in one place.


Everything in One Place

We needed a way to keep track of special events, goals, habits, monthly plans, weekly tasks, meals, prayer requests, and reminders to be thankful. We also wanted an easy way to reflect on our goals or start fresh with new ones. And wouldn’t it be great if, when you stopped planning for a bit, you could easily start up again?

Since the beginning of Evermorn, we've always wanted to design a planner that puts everything in one place. Over the past year we've been designing and refining Plans: the Undated Christian Planner.

Plans is the planner we've always wanted. It combines everything we need to track and schedule our busy lives.

And now we're so excited to share it with you!


Why You’ll Love Plans

Christian Focused
Plans is named after Jeremiah 29:11: “For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord. Plans to give you peace, not disaster. Plans to give you hope and a future.” It’s a good reminder that no matter how hectic life is here on earth, that your life—and your plans—are in God’s hands.

Bible verses throughout the planner give encouragement as you plan out your monthly and weekly tasks.

Weekly encouragement from God's word

Monthly goals help you plan “Time with God,” whether it’s reading scripture, doing daily devotions, memorizing a new Bible verse, or spending more time in prayer.

Plan for Time with God in Scripture, devotion, or in prayer

Weekly plans give you space to reflect on God’s blessings and remember specific prayers.

Reflect on God's blessings in your life, and pray for specific things and people around you

We’ve all been there. You’re motivated to get organized and start planning your life in the new year. You start strong and then start to fall off. By the time you’re ready to start again, you’re left with a half-wasted planner.

Or maybe you’re ready to start planning right this second. But it’s October. Are you going to buy a dated planner and only use the last three months? Or wait until January to buy a dated planner in the new year?

Plans has 12 undated months and 52 undated weeks. Start your plans during any month. If you stop planning for a week or two (or eight!)—no sweat. Pick up right from where you left off.

Undated monthly and weekly plans

Goal Tracking
Whether you’re new to planning or are an experienced pro, goal tracking in Plans is easy.

Track two big yearly goals, breaking them down into manageable milestones and tasks. Reflect on your yearly goals at every monthly review.

Make a goal, break it into milestones, split into smaller tasks, and celebrate!

Track your monthly goals across six categories: Time with God, Personal, Health, Home, Work, and Financial.

Set monthly goals in six different categories

At the monthly review, reflect on your monthly goals, keep them the same, or switch them out as your plans change.

Reflect on your goals and make adjustments

Habit Tracking
Tracking your habits is a great way to improve your routine. Define up to two habits, tracking them in your monthly or weekly plans...or both! Reflect on your habits at the monthly review. Keep those good habits going or start new ones next month.

Track up to two monthly habits

And you won’t need to track water using these habit trackers. Daily water tracking is already built into your weekly plans.

Track your habits throughout the week, including a daily water tracker

More Things to Love
Birthdays and anniversaries are the same day every year but we somehow always lose track of them. Organize your gift buying and card lists each month to eliminate that last-minute purchase.

Plan ahead for buying gifts and cards

You’re keeping track of yearly goals, monthly and weekly tasks, habits, prayers, and more. On top of all that you still have to plan meals. A meal planner is built into the weekly spread to plan out breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Plan our your breakfast, lunch, and dinner plans for the week


Thoughtful Details

Beautiful on the Outside...
The hardcover book design protects pages from wear-and-tear. And the evergreen cloth cover and gold foil accents are a beautiful companion to your daily life.

...And on the Inside
Thick paper stands up to the rigors of everyday use and makes sure pens don’t bleed through. The lay-flat design means your planner stays open to the page you’re using.

Linen cloth cover with gold foil accents. Lay-flat design means your planner stays open.

Take It Anywhere 
Plans is designed to be with you wherever you go. It’s small enough to fit in a backpack or tote (or even a medium-sized purse!). But it’s roomy enough to capture all the details of your busy life.

Never Lose Your Place
Easily keep track of where you are in your plans by using two different colored ribbons—one for monthly and one for weekly.

Keep track of where you are with two fabric bookmarks

Finer Details

  • 6.5″ x 8.75″ (164mm x 220mm)
  • 100gsm smooth uncoated paper
  • Perfect bound hardcover
  • Cloth linen with gold foil accents
  • Two fabric ribbon bookmarks
  • Expandable back pocket
  • 10-lined pages for notes

Keep cards, receipts, notes, and other bits in the expandable back pocket 


Plans: the Undated Christian Planner 

Organize your busy life and keep track of everything in one place.

Introducing Plans: the Christian Undated Planner. Desk scene with cup of coffee, open planner, glasses, and a brass pen.