Welcome to Evermorn Supply!

Welcome to Evermorn Supply!

After more than a year in the making, we are beyond excited to unveil our first collection of Christian greeting cards. This journey to launch started last October when we were sitting in our home office, having a budget meeting, and brainstorming business ideas.

The idea to design and sell cards was actually seeded by a dear friend more than a year before that. We were at a baby’s baptism celebration and were lamenting that we couldn’t find any well-designed Christian greeting cards.

While good design is subjective, what was most troubling was finding cards designed around the Word of God. He has so richly blessed us with this gift and we wanted to design cards with Scripture at the forefront. We wanted to create something special; something that we would be proud to give to others; something we would be delighted to receive ourselves.

So there we were in our home office when we made the decision to design the first Evermorn greeting card. The timing was perfect because we were planning out our family Christmas cards. We’d previously bought pre-made designs but it was always a chore to find one that was well-designed and had a message rooted in God’s Word.

The first Evermorn greeting card was sent out to family and friends for the 2016 Christmas season.

The first Evermorn Christian greeting card, Christmas 2016

Starting Evermorn Supply has been such a fantastic journey. It was so fulfilling to be in God's word, meditating on it together as we designed our cards. Some designs came so easily and we felt the inspiration flow through us; other times it was weeks before a single design was complete.

But we pushed through each obstacle and are incredibly humbled and grateful to unveil our work. We’ll be sharing more about the challenges God saw us through in future posts. 

For now, we’re enjoying the launch of Evermorn Supply, our first collection of thoughtfully designed Christian greeting cards. Thank you so much to all the family and friends who’ve supported us on our journey. We especially thank our Savior for his life-saving word and mercies that are new every morning.

With love,
Joshua and Leah